edTPA™, formerly the Teacher Performance Assessment, was designed by teachers and teacher educators to support candidate learning and provide data that support preparation program growth and renewal. Aligned with Common Core State Standards and InTASC Standards, edTPA assesses teaching behaviors that focus on student learning. edTPA can be integrated with other teacher candidate assessments such as clinical evaluations, GPA, and content knowledge examinations to inform program completion decisions or as a metric for licensure. edTPA is a summative capstone assessment to evaluate readiness to teach. It is also a source of evidence for program review, teacher licensure and/or state and national accreditation.

How to Register for the edTPA (with Pearson and TaskStream)

Access the edTPA in TaskStream – youtube video


The handbook you will download from within TaskStream is specific to your content area.  The handbook contains specific requirements that are listed in the Evidence Chart.  Be sure to check the Evidence Chart before beginning work on your edTPA.

Each program has different requirements for:

  • The number of video clips required/allowed
  • The length of the clip(s)
  • What can/should be included in the clip(s)
Pre-edTPA Preparation
  • edTPA 101 Workshop – presented Nov 7, 2014
  • edTPA Videotaping Checklist and Tips – presented April 2, 2015

  • Integrating Research and Theory in edTPA workshop – April 2015
    Presentation – pdf         Handouts – pdf        Table – pdf

  • At UIC, the edTPA is completed using TaskStream. Please become familiar with TaskStream.

  • Before beginning work on your edTPA, you should discuss with your cooperating teacher about the best place and set-up  for the tripod/camcorder.
  • Both audio and video are important so you will need to put the tripod/camcorder in a place where your teaching and class participation can be captured.
  • It is recommended that you do a practice run with all of the equipment so that you, your cooperating teacher and your students are familiar with the situation and equipment.

Borrowing a camcorder

  • Camcorders and tripod are available for checkout from the ETL for College of Education students.
  • Non-College of Education students should check with the ITL located in the Library.
  • Keep in mind that there are other who also need to use this equipment and return it in a timely fashion.

Video Compression for edTPA