Early Field Experiences

All teacher education programs require early field experiences prior to student teaching. These hours are incorporated into required coursework for every program. The number of hours required varies by program with the absolute minimum being 100 hours. As part of the UIC commitment to the urban experience, students and teacher candidates are placed primarily in Chicago Public Schools and the surrounding adjacent metropolitan areas. Prior to starting early field experience work, all candidates must complete the CPS Clearance Process.

All early field experience hours must be logged in the CTE Student Portal (also known as http://apply.cte.uic.edu) in the following steps:

Complete Step-By-Step Directions

  1. Download and have your cooperating teacher complete the Cooperating Teacher Information Form.
  2. Once the form is returned to you, check to determine whether or not your cooperating teacher is already in the system.
    After logging in, begin typing the cooperating teacher’s last name in the field provided.  If he/she is in the system, you will see their name along with the school they were registered with.
    It’s always a good idea to click on edit and double check that we have the correct and most up-to-date email address on record.
  3. If your cooperating teacher is in the system, simply return the Cooperating Teacher Information Form to the CTE office, email or fax is perfectly acceptable.  The form is kept on file so that the CTE has record of the CT’s signature.  The CTE does not enter the data off of these forms.
  4. If your cooperating teacher is NOT in the system, enter the information directly off the Cooperating Teacher Information Form and then return the form to the CTE office.
  5. Once the cooperating teacher has been entered into the system, enter your early field experience log by clicking on “Create New Field Experience Log”.
  6. After you have completely entered your log and marked it as ready for approval, email reminders will be sent out to cooperating teacher’s and course instructors on a weekly basis until an approval/verification is completed (If, for some reason, your cooperating teacher does not receive the approval/verification email, please email Betsy Gates-Ehlers with the name of your cooperating teacher and the email will be re-sent.)

If a school or site asks for documentation for your early field experience work, please use the Early Field Experience Request form.

Not sure how many hours a particular course typically requires? Check the Early Field Experience Hours chart.

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