Brooks College Prep Seeks to Hire Educators – Apply today!

Selective-Enrollment College Preparatory Academy Seeks STEM Teachers

Located on the Far Southside of Chicago, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep Academy has been recognized by Newsweek and US News for outstanding education, and is one of the 10 selective enrollment chicago public schools.

Brooks recently created an innovative STEM curriculum to engage students in inquiry and critical thinking as it relates to the field of math and science. Brooks is looking to continue this development with the hiring two STEM teacher.

Brooks is looking for the following qualities to fill these roles:

  • Innovative, creative and rigorous activities that engage students in project based inquiries and critical thinking skills
  • Strong collaborative skills and ability to work with colleagues in Professional Learning Communities to develop Unit Plans and Assessments
  • Ability to analyze data and respond to data to improve instruction and develop targeted intervention
  • One position requires dual certification in math and science, and the other position requires science certification


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Teacher Application - Science & Math Endorsement

Teacher Application - Science Endorsement