Undergraduate secondary education programs include: BA programs in the Teaching of English and the Teaching of History; BS programs in the Teaching of Chemistry, the Teaching of Mathematics, and the Teaching of Physics. Upon successful completion of an undergraduate program in secondary education, students will be entitled to a Professional Educator License (PEL) valid for grades 6-12.

Undergraduate foreign language education programs include: BA programs in the Teaching of French, the Teaching of German, and the Teaching of Spanish. Upon successful completion of an undergraduate program in foreign language education, students will be entitled to a Professional Educator License (PEL) valid for grades K-12.

Each phase of the program must be fully completed before progressing to the next phase.


During the pre-candidacy phase, you must:

  • Declare a “Teaching of….” Major
  • Enroll in and complete ED 200 and ED 210
  • Complete 45-60 credit hours
  • Take and pass an Initial Licensure Exam (TAP, ACT with Writing, SAT)
  • Apply for Candidacy

Requirements for admission to Candidacy include:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0 or greater and a major GPA of at least 2.5/4.0 (some programs have a higher minimum GPA requirement in the major, please refer to the Secondary and Foreign Language Teacher Education Handbook for specific GPA requirements.)
  • No grade below a “C” in any course required for licensure
  • No “Credit/No Credit” or “Pass/Fail” grades for courses required for licensure
  • A recorded pass on an initial licensure exam (TAP, ACT with Writing, SAT)

Fully completed applications must be submitted by the deadline given on the Dates to Remember page.


During the candidacy phase, you must:

  • Take disciplinary courses, including methods course(s)
  • Enroll in and complete SPED 410 and CI 414
  • Maintain 3.0/4.0 GPA
  • Complete Permit To Register for ED 330  (Permits are due March 15th for Fall or October 15th for Spring)
  • Complete and log all Early Field Experience work with satisfactory progress
  • Register for and Pass the ILTS Content Test based on your discipline
  • Apply for Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Student teaching is the culminating phase of a teacher candidate’s course of study at UIC. It takes place in the final semester of the program. Most student teachers spend fourteen weeks or more, full-time, in an area school. With the help and support of cooperating teachers, university field instructors, peers, and other professionals at both the school and university, student teachers apply and extend their knowledge of teaching and learning. Read more about the student teaching experience here.

During the student teaching phase, you must:

  • Complete and submit the Technology Survey, the Exit Survey, and the edTPA in TaskStream.
  • If Foreign Language, take and pass the OPI (Oral Language Proficiency Interview)
  • Be evaluated by both your cooperating teacher and university field instructor using the Student Teaching Evaluation
  • Learn how to apply for licensure
  • File an intent to graduate, online via my.UIC


During this phase, you must:

  • Meet all degree requirements (degree completion is a licensure requirement)
  • Have successfully completed and logged hours for all required early field experiences
  • Complete and file the UIC Application for Entitlement
  • Upon entitlement, file licensure application online in ELIS (Educator Licensure Information System)


During your first year as a teacher, you will be contacted and asked to complete a survey about how well you were prepared as a teacher. Please take the time to complete that survey!