Upon successful completion of an LBSII program, students will be entitled to a Professional Educator License valid for grades K-12.

LBSII options include: Assistive Technology Specialist, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Bilingual Specialist, Curriculum Adaptation Specialist, Multiple Disabilities Specialist, and Transition Specialist.

The LBS II can be sought in either the degree seeking or non-degree seeking program. Please refer to the College of Education for further details.

Each phase of the program must be fully completed before progressing to the next phase.


In order to be admitted to a degree program leading to licensure, potential candidates must have the following:

After admission (typically at orientation or initial advising session), potential candidates must:

  • Apply for candidacy – this application must be turned in during the first two (2) weeks of your first semester


During the candidacy phase, you must:

  • Take all required coursework
  • Register for and Pass the ILTS Content Test respective to your area(s) of concentration
    • Assistive Technology Specialist #162
    • Behavior Intervention Specialist #156
    • Bilingual Special Education Specialist #157
    • Curriculum Adaptation Specialist #158
    • Multiple Disabilities Specialist #160
    • Transition Specialist #163


During the licensure phase, you must:

  • Meet all program requirements
  • Complete and file the UIC LBSII Application for Entitlement – distributed by the program
  • Upon entitlement, file licensure application online with ISBE via ELIS (Educator’s Licensure Information System)


During your first year as a teacher, you will be contacted and asked to complete a survey about how well you were prepared as a teacher. Please take the time to complete that survey!