Professional Development Hours

Cooperating educators can earn professional development hours through ISBE for activities that result in their own professional growth while supervising one or more UIC teacher candidate(s) during field experience or student teaching. To begin this process, please complete the UIC professional growth log during your supervisory experience. One professional growth log should be completed for each semester that you work with one or more UIC teacher candidates(s). When describing the activities that result in your own professional growth, please make sure to indicate which teacher candidate you worked with during each activity.

The UIC Council on Teacher Education (CTE) processes these requests in January and June. Please submit the completed and signed Professional Growth Log and completed ISBE 77-21A Evaluation form to by January 15 (for fall semester cooperating teachers) or June 15 (for spring semester cooperating teachers). Most importantly, please allow ample processing time to meet your ISBE deadlines. After checking that the professional development requirements have been met, the UIC CTE will issue you a completed ISBE 77- 21B Evidence of Completion form, which you can then submit to ISBE.

You have the opportunity to earn one hour of professional development for every one hour that you spend on activities that result in your own professional growth, with a maximum of 15 hours earned per UIC semester. Professional development credit is awarded in clock hours to the nearest quarter of an hour (23 IAC ยง25.855(h)).