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CPS Field Experience Process

Before Field Experience

Prior to conducting field experience, students must complete the first requirement: CPS Field Experience Process. Students must complete the CPS Field Experience Process to conduct field experience within Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

Please refer to this guide for more details on the process.

To Complete the CPS Field Experience Process Heading link

  1. CPS Field Experience Registration Form – go to and click on Field Experience Program to access the online registration form. Read the field experience guide, and then complete the online form. Enter Brittney Beck-James as the Field Placement Coordinator, and enter 312-355-1872 for the Field Placement Coordinator Contact Number.
  2. Field Experience Background Check Form – go to and click on Field Experience Program for the field experience background check form. Print the form and take it to an Accurate Biometrics office that is most convenient. Students can find the office locations by going to Accurate Biometrics website. Please retain the receipt from Accurate Biometrics. Students may need the receipt if any questions should arise.

After completing the above steps, Accurate Biometrics will send the fingerprints to the Illinois State Police (ISP) and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Once the fingerprints have been cleared, a student’s clearance will automatically be sent to Accurate Biometrics. Accurate Biometrics will send the clearance to CPS. CPS will then send the student an email with an Approval/Denial Notice form attached. This will take at least two weeks to be processed. An Approval Notice is valid for all of a student’s field experiences until it is time to student teach. When a student is preparing to student teach, they will complete a similar process again.

Students are required to bring a UIC ID, a State ID and the Approval Notice form to all Field Experiences.

Please note that any background check that produces a “HIT” result will be required to go before the CPS Criminal Background Review Committee. If you believe you may have a “HIT” due to an arrest, charge, or conviction, you may want to contact Student Legal Services in the Office of the Dean of Students for assistance and support.

Please contact Brittney Beck-James at with any questions about background checks and/or the CPS Field Experience Process.

Start CPS Field Experience Process