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Frequently Asked Questions

The Council on Teacher Education is working to provide a comprehensive FAQ page! As commonly asked questions from students become apparent, this section will be updated to reflect most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Used Terms Heading link

Do you have a list of commonly used terms?

The Council on Teacher compiled the Education Preparation Program Terms Glossary, a helpful guide to navigating undergraduate and graduate UIC Education Preparation Programs.

Selecting Courses Heading link

How do I take the correct courses to graduate with licensure?

The Council on Teacher strongly encourages all students in Educator Preparation Programs to meet with their program representative for answers about degree requirements. Some students may find the Sample Undergraduate Secondary Education Licensure Timeline  and the General UIC Catalogue helpful for advising questions.

Cost of Educator & School Personnel Preparation Programs Heading link

What are the additional costs associated with Educator and School Personnel Preparation Programs?

Students pursuing an Approved Illinois Educator or School Personnel Preparation Program are responsible for all fees associated with the degree and non-degree program requirements. Additional Cost of Educator Preparation Programs are not dictated by CTE and may be changed at any time.

Employment Opportunities Heading link

Where can I find a job?  

On occasion, educational organizations, school administrators, and school districts reach out to the Council on Teacher Education to share job openings. Information from these entities will be shared below. We encourage all educator and school personnel preparation students to contact with UIC Office of Career Services for career support.

No positions have been shared at this time.

Request to Enroll Heading link

How do I request to enroll in ED 425/ED 432?

Students are required to file a Request to Enroll Form to apply to take course ED 425 (undergraduate) or ED 432 (graduate). There are degree specific requirements that must be completed prior to submitting your request to enroll. Students should contact their program representative and visit the Forms tab for more information.

Petitions Heading link

What is a Petition? How do I submit a Petition?

Occasionally, students are unable to meet specific requirements or deadlines. A student’s program representative may suggest/require a petition in order to apply to extend the deadline. Petition details can be found on the Forms tab.

Action Plans Heading link

How do I submit an Action Plan?

Occasionally, students need additional guidance to complete requirements. A student’s program representative may suggest or require a student to complete an action plan. Action plan details can be found on the Forms tab.

UIC Teacher Standards Heading link

What are the UIC Standards for Teacher Education?

The Council on Teacher Education (CTE) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) requires that each candidate demonstrate the physical, cognitive, behavioral and social capacity to engage in all aspects of the professional education program, including course and fieldwork, and to develop the communication skills and dispositions required of educational professionals. To learn more about UIC Standards for Teacher Candidates click here.

Disability Resource Center Heading link

I have a disability. Who do I contact for support?

UIC is committed to providing access and inclusion for all persons with disabilities. Students who face disability-related access barriers in their program should connect with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC facilitates the provision of reasonable accommodations to students who have a documented disability through an interactive intake process. In order to receive accommodations, students must register with the DRC and provide the course instructor with a Letter of Accommodation. Determining reasonable accommodations requires consideration of the course design, course learning objectives and the individual academic and course barriers experienced by the student.