Educator Preparation Programs Requirements

All University of Illinois at Chicago students pursuing Educator Preparation Programs are required to complete academic and non-academic requirements. Refer to the Academic Catalogue for a complete list of all academic requirements. The non-academic requirements include:

  1. Milestone 1: Admission to Candidacy
  2. Milestone 2: Admission to Student Teaching
  3. Milestone 3: Initiate Licensure

Undergraduate and graduate students in an Educator Preparation Program must complete all requirements in each of the three Milestones.  There are a limited number of exemptions that may absolve a student from completing all requirements, including student teaching requirements for currently licensed educator professionals. School Social Work and School Nursing students do not need to complete Milestone 1 and 2 requirements. These students are eligible to automatically advance to Milestone 3. Contact the appropriate program representative and CTE for more information.