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Common Forms for Educator and School Personnel Preparation Students

Students enrolled in approved Illinois Educator and School Personnel Preparation Programs at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) are encouraged to talk with a program representative for specific questions about degree and non-degree requirements.

In addition to the Milestone 1-3 requirements, there are additional documents and forms required by students enrolled in Educator Preparation Programs. Consult with a program representative for more information.

Request to Enroll Heading link

Students are required to file a Request to Enroll Form to apply to take course ED 425 (undergraduate) or ED 432 (graduate). There are degree specific requirements that must be completed prior to submitting your request to enroll. Contact your program representative for more information.

After meeting the requirements, students should complete the appropriate Request to Enroll online form. The form is only available 30 days before the applicable deadline.

The Request to Enroll forms have specific deadlines. The forms are due March 15 for Fall course enrollment.

  • Here are the forms for the upcoming deadline: ED 425, ED 432

Student Success Plans Heading link

Occasionally, students need additional guidance to complete program and teacher education requirements. A student’s program representative may suggest/require a success plan.

Students should consult with their program representative and together complete the success plan by a predetermined deadline that is specific to their situation. This success plan will be sent to CTE upon submission. A copy will also be sent to the program representative and student.  A follow-up form is also available below for updating/revising success plans.

Opt-Out of CPS Registration Heading link

Occasionally, a student may choose to Student Teach outside of CPS, in which case a student must consult their Program Coordinator and submit an Opt-Out form by the student teaching deadline.

Student Teaching in Personal Classroom Heading link

UIC teacher candidates may petition to student teach in their own classrooms (Illinois State Board of Education, Section 25.620).  These teacher candidates are still required to complete the entire student teaching process. See Milestone 2: Apply to Student Teaching for a complete list of Student Teaching Application requirements. Please note that teacher candidates can only student teach in the same content area and grade range as their current educational preparation program at UIC.

Submit the following documents to

Administrator Letter Requirements

  • Be written and signed by a school or district administrator other than the teacher candidate.
  • Be printed on school or district letterhead.
  • Describe the teacher candidate’s employment history within school district, including
    1. Licensure type when candidate was hired
    2. Position # (if applicable)
    3. Dates of employment
    4. Teaching assignment(s) (including subject areas taught with date ranges)
  • Specify if the school is non-public (private, charter, etc.) and/or not legally required to hire licensed teachers.
  • Indicate support and approval for teacher candidate to continue in current position for the duration of the student teaching experience.

Program Coordinator Letter of Support Requirements

  • Be written and signed by the teacher candidate’s program coordinator.
  • Detail the support plan the teacher candidate will receive from the program during student teaching, including university supervision, university supports, and an evaluation plan for the teacher candidate.