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Milestone 1: Admission to Candidacy

Students pursuing an Educator Preparation Program must submit all Milestone 1 requirements in order to advance to Milestone 2. Milestone 1 requirements are only accepted at specific times during the semesters (See Deadlines).

For questions about completing any milestone 1 requirements, please contact Shatell Coleman at


Milestone 1: Deadlines Heading link

Milestone 1 requirements are due based on degree program.

  • Graduate students: Milestone 1 requirements are due within the first two weeks of the first semester of coursework.
  • Undergraduate Urban Education students: Milestone 1 requirements are due April 1.
  • Undergraduate Secondary & Foreign Language Education students: Milestone 1 requirements are due October 1 (Fall Deadline) or March 1 (Spring deadline).

Milestone 1 Application Process Heading link

Below are the three main steps you need to take to apply for candidacy. For additional information on each task, find the corresponding red ribbon below the application links.
  • Step 1: Review the Required Background Questions

    Read Before Applying to Candidacy:

    After you complete your educator preparation program, you will complete a licensure application on the Illinois State Board of Education website.

    In this application, you will be asked about:

    1. Having a license denied, revoked, or suspended
    2. Being convicted of certain offenses
    3. Failing to pay any taxes or associated fees
    4. Being named as a perpetrator in an indicated report of child abuse or neglect
    5. Being delinquent 30 days or more on child support

    See below for the full list of questions and additional information.

  • Step 2: Complete the Candidacy Application

  • Step 3: Upload Required Candidacy Documents

    Upload the following documents via JotForm:

    1. Certification of the Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse Training
    2. Certification of Completion for the FERPA Training
    3. UIC DARS Report or Unofficial Transcript
    4. CPS Field Experience Approval
    5. 1 Letter of Recommendation (Undergraduate Secondary & Foreign Language students only)
    6. Writing Sample (Undergraduate Secondary & Foreign Language students only)

    See below for additional information.

Apply for Candidacy

Upload your Required Candidacy Documents

Important Things to Know About Candidacy Heading link

In the ribbons below, you will find all you need completing each step of your Milestone 1 candidacy application.